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US1002: CBT Bungee Sling

Specifications - Coverts from two point to single point sling
- Dual bungee construction
- HK snap hook adapter covered with elastic tube
- Side-release buckle to release adapter and sling
- 1.25" webbing, with Duraflex buckles (Heavy duty MOJAVA, part #9094 & 9095)
- Made in U.S.A
Size One size fits all
Color Olive Drab, Black, Tan, Coyote Brown
Notifications NTOA Approved

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US Army M-240 Bravo Usage Review
David Bissig (United States) 4/13/2015 4:48 AM
I am a US Army soldier, this weekend I was issued a M-240 Bravo for a special training exercise. I am not a M-240 Gunner, but I got stuck with it. They had no slings on them (aside from the para-cord ones which will kill you). I would have preferred a padded sling, but this was all I have with me packed in my ruck sack (expecting to be put on an M-16A4). For 2 days and nights my M-240B was slung up with this, 5 different soldiers used it, including one of the 2012 Drill Stg. of the year winners, and myself, who all had positive things to say about it. Had I known ahead of time I would have gotten a padded sling. That aside, this sling held up an M-240B with no trouble at all, the clip-in buckles never broke or cracked, the locks stayed tight, and the bungee lines held up pretty good. The metal clips at the ends git a bit banged up, but considering how much heavy usage it took in a short amount of time (non-stop usage by different people for about 60 hours), I am extremely impressed. The M240B is not a light weapon and I do not think the designers had it in mind when making this, add 100-200 rounds of 7.62 ammo to that too, supported by the sling. You could not have asked for a better field test or worse terrain to test it in (the most thorn infested, rainy mud hole forest, with temps bouncing around 20 to 70 in a few hours and back). We did everything to it except try to set it on fire, and it was still going strong at the end of the day. This is a very well made sling, if it can handle a M240B by itself (27 LBS unloaded, 32.5 LBS loaded with 100 rounds) in these conditions, I am sure it can handle any other small arms weapon system out there with little or no difficulty. My only side note is if you are getting this for an M-240B, get the padded one. My squad sends a shout out to Condor for making a damn good sling, saved us a lot of trouble!
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