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MOPC: Modular Operator Plate Carrier

The Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier was designed for modular attachments on all sides as well as for functionality and operator mobility. The MOPC accepts up to 10.25” x 13.25” plates front and back, and up to 6” x 8” side plates.
  • Available in genuine Crye-Precision™ MultiCam®
  • Emergency drag handle
  • Removable anti-slip padded shoulder pads with hook and loop guides
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Hook and loop webbing
  • Heavyweight webbing for modular attachments
  • Front map pocket with snap, hook and loop closure
  • Side release buckles on shoulders and internal waist strap
  • Padded mesh interior lining
  • Adjustable cummerbund with plate armor pockets
    • Accepts up to 6"W x 8"H side panel plates
  • Easy access plate pockets
  • Imported
Size Medium - X-Large adjustable sizing
Accepts Medium or  Large ESAPI plates up to 10.25" x 13.25"
Color MultiCam®, Olive Drab, Black, Tan, Coyote Brown

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Product Reviews

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Perfect, all-around, MINIMALIST performer
chris (indiana) 8/16/2016 6:04 AM
I think that this is the BEST plate carrier for any of the following criteria. Someone who wants... 1. The lightest, sleakest carrier that is strong enough for heavy, steel plate armor without being too bulky. You can remove the cumberbund and wear this thing relatively discreetly (depending on your build and clothes) under a jacket or hoodie. AND... 2. ...A rig that's also stout enough to upgrade/build up with A FEW extra mags/pouches. REMEMBER, this IS NOT a heavy weight, hard usage, duty least NOT with steel plate armor and certainly NOT with added side plates. It could be done but I feel that it would push the comfort level and shorten the durability of this rig if you went all out commando with it. But you can still put all that you NEED on here without being an excessive "gear ninja". 2. An in case of emergency/bump in the night rig, trunk rig, etc. that's actually easy to put on. 3. A rig that can be used with hard armor, OR soft armor (again, technically it has room for hard and soft but you'd be pushing it to use both), or none at all. 4. Great, functional bells and whistles like the cumberbund pouches that offer terrific storage when not used to carry side armor. The thick shoulder pads with buckles on the back so that they don't interfere too much when handling a rifle. And the belly admin pouch that can easily be used to carry 3 rifle mags (even a couple AK mags) especially when you add the insert sold by Condor for this purpose. TRUST ME: IF YOU BUY THIS CARRIER THEN GET THE INSERT TOO! You'll love it & never want to buy a carrier that doesn't have a belly pouch again. It's an economical game changer that is a much better option, in my opinion, than external pouches molled to the front. I love mine & consider it to be simple, practical and comfortable. I think it's perfect for the average person. Don't plan on going to war or hiding in the woods with this thing. But it'll stand up to a tussle or two while keeping your kit intact.
Anthony (GA) 9/19/2015 2:42 PM
I just picked this vest up today from the Atlanta gun show and absolutely love it. The fit is perfect and it is extremely easy to get on and off. I am an amputee and that it is easy to get it on and off is extremely helpful. Thanks for making such a great product.
great carrier for the price
Dave Charnow (USA) 6/21/2015 10:50 PM
I have two of these carriers and i have to say I love them. I only have 1 issue with this carrier and that is the elastic on the cumberbund. I fived this using grommets with paracord reusing the cordlock. Its just that In not a tiny guy and if I were it would be worse but when i put plates into the side pockets they would droop and slant outwardly with the adjustment as tight as i could get it. so i removed the elastic entirely added some grommets in the side of the nylon, laced it up with paracord and put the cord lock back on and pulled her tight. now this rig fits perfect and i can put my radio on it without it flopping way off my hip. I added 2 of the battle belts to my rigs and my setup is complete in two different colors. Contact me if you'd like to supply me with new products for reviews.:) Also please feel free to try the fix for the elastic and use in your production if you like. Three people I have told this fix to have tried it and have never been happier. Thanks again for the great product at a reasonable price and keep coming up with new products in this line.
Great vest great price
Andy (Salt Lake City, UT.) 12/24/2014 6:55 AM
I have been using this vest for a while now. It is very sturdy and reliable. The only issue I have with it is that the cummerbund is bungee chord in the rear and has a little too much give. Other wise, it's basically perfect.
Bobby (Midland, Tx.) 11/24/2014 6:43 PM
CONDOR, has some great products. The MOPC vest is a great vest. It did not cost me an arm and a leg like other brands. IT has held up just as well as those other brands. Look at out fitting our entire SWAT team. Great job Condor, keep up the great products!!
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